Maintenance – Panasonic RX-FT500 User Manual

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The head assembly, Capstan, and Pressure roller are in
constant contact with the tape. If these parts are dirty, the
sound quality will be impaired. Get into the habit of cleaning
the parts regularly (after every 10 hours or so of use) in

accordance with the procedure outlined below.

1. Open the Cassette Compartment cover by pressing the Stop/Eject Button (Tape 1/Tape 2).


•tf the head assembly is extremely dirty, clean it with

a soft cloth dampened with a little alcohol.

•Do not bring any type of metal objects or tools such

as magnetic screwdrivers in contact with the head

•Do not clean the plastic cabinet with benzine or

thinner. Clean it with a cloth, dampened in a mild

solution of soap and water. Avoid excessive mois­

•Avoid spray-type insecticides. Some insecticides

contain chemicals that could cause cabinet de­