Antennas, Single tape playback, Automatic playback relay (tape 1 to tape 2) – Panasonic RX-FT500 User Manual

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Set the Function Selector to "RADIO".

2. Set the Band Selector to the desired radio band.
3. Tune in your favorite station using the Tuning Control.
4. Adjust the Volume and Tone Controls to the desired


5. The radio can be turned off by setting the Function

Selector to “TAPE/POWER





•To receive FM stereo broadcasts, set the Band

Selector to “FM STEREO". The FM Stereo indica­

tor will light during stereo broadcasts.

•if FM stereo reception is poor (excessive noise, FM

Stereo Indicator flickers), set the Band Selector to

“FM". This will reduce the noise and provide clear
reception: however, the broadcast will not be heard
in stereo.



Puli out the Telescopic Antenna and adjust its length and
angle for optimum reception.

■ ri l.LU S±tfc±d

l~r .TJ

... ^ — -—I
■ 1 — - L J


The sensitive ferrite core antenna inside the set will provide
excellent AM reception in most areas. For optimum recep­
tion, turn the set in the direction which gives the best results,
since the ferrite core antenna is directional.

This unit has a dual cassette system. A tape can be played

back with Tape 1 and Tape 2,

■ Single Tape Playback

1. Open the Cassette Compartment cover by pressing the

Stop/Eject Button, insert the playback tape as shown in

the figure, and then close the Cassette Compartment


2. Set the Function Selector to "TAPE/POWER ro^".
3. Press the Playback Button to begin tape playback.
4. Adjust the Volume and Tone Controls.

5. To stop the playback, press the Stop/Eject Button.

■ Automatic Playback Relay (Tape 1 to Tape 2)

When Tape 1 playback has finished, Tape 2 playback starts

1. Insert the playback tapes into Tape 1 and Tape 2.

2. Press the Tape 1 Playback Button.
3. Press the Tape 2 Pause Button, then press the Playback


■ Fast Forward and Rewind

The tape will move rapidly forward when the Fast Forward

Button is pressed,

The tape will rewind rapidly when the Rewind Button is



Do not press the Playback Button during fast forward

or rewind, as this may jam the tape. Always press the

Stop/Eject Button first, between functions.

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