Removing/installing the lower plate, Replacing the headlight bulb, Removing/lnstalling the lower plate – Panasonic QUICKDRAW MC-V5117 User Manual

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Electrical Shock or Personal Injury Hazard.

When the lower plate is removed for any reason, before reinstalling, be sure

that all electrical wires are routed in a manner that prevents them from coming into

contact with the


plate, lower plate screws, or any moving jsarts. Be sure

the wires are not pinched in any way when the lower plate is reinstalled.


Before replacing any parts, disconnect the vacuum

cleaner from the electrical outlet

Replacing some of the parts in this section involves

the removal and installation of the lower plate

Always place paper under nozzle anytime the lower

plate IS removed to protect the floor surface

To Remove Lower Plate

Start by placing the handle in the low position (See

the Handle Adjustments section ) Turn the vacuum

cleaner over, exposing the underside Release the

lower plate by pressing the two


latches that secure

the lower plate in the direction shown in the illustration

Then remove the lower plate Brush or remove any

residue that may exist in the belt area

To Reinstall Lower Plate

Hook the front end of lower plate into the slots on the front end of the nozzle housing Then

press the lower plate into place until a positive latching is felt


To insure maximum cleaning efficiency, the belt should be checked regularly to make



in good condition Check to see if the belt is stretched, cracked,



excessive slippage has occurred Replace it if necessary


1 Remove the lower plate using the procedure

in the Removing/lnstalling the Lower Plate


2 Grasp the bulb socket, wiggle the socket back

and forth while pulling it up out of the nozzle
housing To remove the old bulb, push it in
toward the bulb socket while turning
counterclockwise, then remove

3 Install the new bulb by pushing it in toward

the bulb socket and turning it dockwise Use
any standard bayonet base appliance bulb

rated at 15 Watts


Do not use a bulb rated over

15 W During extended use, heat from the
bulb could overheat surrounding plastic parts


Reinsert the bulb socket into the nozzle housing by pushing it back down into the slot

Replace the lower plate as outlined in the Removing/lnstalling the Lower Plate section

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