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Cisco Unified IP Phone Administration Guide for Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 (SCCP), Cisco Unified IP Phones


Chapter 4 Configuring Settings on the Cisco Unified IP Phone

Configuration Menus on the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970 Series


Step 1

Press the Settings button to access the Settings menu.

Step 2

Perform one of these actions to display the Network Configuration menu or the
Device Configuration menu:

Use the Navigation button to select the desired menu and then press the
Select softkey.

Use the keypad on the phone to enter the number that corresponds to the

Press the menu name on the touchscreen.

Step 3

If you displayed the Device Configuration menu, use one of the techniques shown

Step 2

to display a sub-menu.

To exit a menu, press the Exit softkey.

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Unlocking and Locking Options

Configuration options that can be changed from a phone are locked by default to
prevent users from making changes that could affect the operation of a phone. You
must unlock these options before you can change them.

When options are inaccessible for modification, a locked padlock icon

appears on the configuration menus. When options are unlocked and accessible
for modification, an unlocked padlock

icon appears on these menus.

To unlock or lock options, press **#. This action either locks or unlocks the
options, depending on the previous state.