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Delptronics Trigger Man Firmware Update Instructions

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There are two ways to get the latest firmware update for your Trigger Man: send it to us, or do it yourself.

1. Send your module to us.

a. There is no charge for the upgrade. You pay only shipping costs.
b. Package your module securely so that it is safe for the trip. Your packing materials will also be used

to ship the module back to you.

c. Include your return address on a piece of paper inside the box. Sometimes return addresses on the

outside of the box get obscured during shipping. Also, please include your email address in case we
need to contact you.

d. Ship your module to: Delptronics

12054 Trotwood Drive

Austin, TX 78753


e. Pay for the return shipping. You can include a check drawn on a US bank, or an international money

order in the box with your module. Or, you can send the funds via Paypal to [email protected].
Shipping rates are as follows:

United States: $6 for priority mail

Canada: $10 for First Class mail, $28 for Priority Mail

All other countries: $16 for First Class mail, $38 for Priority Mail

2. Do it yourself.

a. It's easy. This manual tells you how to do it.
b. If you already own a PIC microcontroller programmer, and you know how to use it, then just

download the HEX file, and update your module.

c. If you do not have a PIC programmer, you can purchase one fairly cheaply. Details are on the next


d. Note that if you live outside the United States, it will be cheaper and faster to buy a PIC programmer

and do the update yourself, rather than to pay and wait for international shipping.

The latest Trigger Man firmware file can be downloaded from: