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Delptronics Trigger Man Firmware Update Instructions

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How to Tell Which PIC Chip You Have

Most Trigger Man modules use the PIC18F24K22 microcontroller chip. Newer modules (sold after September
2014) use the PIC18F25K22 chip. The chip is very tiny and the name can be hard to read, especially without a
magnifying glass.

If you assume that you have PIC18F24K22, you will probably be right. If you are wrong, nothing bad will happen.
You will simply get the message “Selected device not detected. Detected a PIC18F25K22 instead.” If that
happens, start the programming steps over again, selecting the correct chip in step 2.

If the PIC18F24K22/PIC18F25K22 is not in the device list, then you will need to update your device file. That
update can be downloaded here:

The Circuit Board

Refer to the picture below. It highlights the position of the PIC microcontroller and the programming header on
the circuit board. The header is where you connect the PIC programmer to the module.