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Delptronics Trigger Man Firmware Update Instructions

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Connecting the Programmer to the Module

The header does not have to be soldered onto the module’s circuit
board. Just insert the 5-pin header into the programmer, then
insert the pins into the holes on the module. Hold the module
vertically, and allow gravity to hold the programmer in place. The
holes on the circuit board are plated. That is, they have metal
around the inside of the hole. So, gravity will press the pins against
the edges of the holes.

Make sure that the module and the programmer are oriented as
shown in the pictures. The white arrow on the programmer must
point to the left-most hole on the circuit board.

If you click the write button in the PICkit2 software, and get an
error message saying that the chip is not found, that means that
the pins are not making good contact with the holes. Perhaps you
moved a bit during programming. Just click write again. You might
also try pulling the programmer away from the circuit board a little
bit. Just a bit, so that the pins are still in the holes and the
programmer stays in place.

If you get a “Programming failed at Program Memory Address
0x000000” error message, even though you have done everything
right, then you should try checking the “EEPROM Data Enabled”
checkbox. It means that your saved patterns will be erased, but if
all else fails, checking that box has been found to make the process work.