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Delptronics Trigger Man Firmware Update Instructions

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Microcontroller: A single chip computer that contains the processor, memory, and the program all in one chip.

The Trigger Man uses a microcontroller to do all the things it does.


The brand name of microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology Inc.


The program that is embedded in the microcontroller chip inside of a device.


A device that loads firmware into a microcontroller.

Get a PIC Microcontroller Programmer

Microchip makes programmers for their chips. They are called the PICkit2


and PICkit3


. Either one will work.

There are also quite a few cheap PICkit2 clones out there.

A PICkit2 clone can be purchased from FastTech for $18, worldwide shipping included. It takes about a week to
arrive. We have one of these and have successfully tested it with the Trigger Man.


The FastTech programmer comes with software and documentation in Chinese. If that is not helpful to you, the
PICkit2 software for Windows can be downloaded here:


If you are using Linux or Mac OS X, the software is not as easy to use as the Windows version. You will have to
run it from a command prompt. You can find instructions and a software download link here:


Update the Firmware

1. Run the PICkit2 software.
2. From the Device Family menu, select PIC18F_K_
3. From the Device pick list, select your chip (probably a PIC18F24K22, see page 4)
4. From the File menu, select Import Hex
5. Select the triggerman.hex file
6. Un-check the EEPROM Data check box (so your patterns don’t get erased)
7. The screen will look like the picture below
8. Remove the Trigger Man from your rack
9. Remove the power cable from the Trigger Man
10. Connect the programmer to the module (as described on the following pages)
11. Click the Write button
12. Wait until the status box turns green and says “Programming Successful.”