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Kofax Desktop 2.0 Installation Guide

Kofax, Inc.



This guide includes instructions on installing and registering Kofax Desktop. This guide is written
with the assumption that you have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft

Office programs.

Related Documentation

The Kofax Desktop documentation set includes the following:


Kofax Desktop Help


Kofax Desktop Release Notes

Kofax Desktop Help

After installation, you can access Kofax Desktop Help to get online product assistance, including
step-by-step procedures and details about the user interface. To locate information within the
Help, you can use the table of contents, the index, or the full-text search feature.

X To open Kofax Desktop Help, do one of the following:


Press F1 anywhere on the Kofax Desktop window.


Click the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the Kofax Desktop window.


On the Resources tab, in the Help group, click Help.


From the Kofax Desktop notification area icon, right-click and select Kofax Desktop Help.

Kofax Desktop Release Notes

The release notes contain information that is not available in your other Kofax Desktop
documentation. To view the release notes, go to the Support pages on the Kofax Web site at and select Documentation.

Technical Assistance for Your Kofax Product

The Kofax Desktop technical support Web pages are available from the Kofax Web site at The support pages provide product-specific information, such as current
revision levels, the latest software patches, online documentation, updates to product release
notes (if any), technical tips, and an extensive, fully searchable knowledgebase.

The Kofax Web site also contains information that describes support options for Kofax products.
Please review the site for details about the available support options.

Kofax Desktop Community Forum

If you need technical support for Kofax Desktop, submit your request to the user community via

the Kofax Desktop forum. You can access the forum from the Support pages on the Kofax Web site

The Kofax Desktop community forum has been set up so that users can communicate directly
with Kofax and other Kofax Desktop users via informal discussions. Although the forum is
moderated by Kofax, there is no service level agreement, express or implied, in connection with
the input to the forum from Kofax personnel.