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Page 7: Installing kofax desktop, Scanners licensing requirements

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Kofax Desktop 2.0 Installation Guide

Kofax, Inc.


After installing Kofax Desktop successfully, the Kofax Desktop Scan tab is added to the Ribbon in
each of the Microsoft Office programs in the preceding list. In Outlook, the Kofax Desktop Scan
tab is available from a new mail message, appointment, or meeting request.

To ensure the availability of Kofax Desktop from Microsoft Office programs, they must be
installed before you begin the Kofax Desktop installation.

You can use Kofax Desktop to scan to Microsoft SharePoint if you have access to a SharePoint 2007
server. For details about configuring Kofax Desktop to scan to SharePoint, see Kofax Desktop
Help and consult with your SharePoint administrator.


Kofax Desktop works with a wide range of scanners that support the “TWAIN” standard for
communicating with a computer.

If you are not sure if your scanner supports the TWAIN standard, you can check the specifications
that are typically included in the scanner documentation or on the manufacturer’s Web site.

If your TWAIN scanner is currently installed, the scanner driver files you need are probably
already on your computer. If not, the TWAIN driver files are usually available from the
installation disk provided with the scanner or from the support or download pages on the scanner
manufacturer’s Web site.

If you are uncertain about compatibility between Kofax Desktop and your scanner, you can install
the product and use it in evaluation mode. Once you verify that Kofax Desktop can communicate
successfully with your scanner, you can purchase and register a license. See Evaluating Kofax
on page 7 or
Starting Kofax Desktop the First Time on page 8.

Licensing Requirements

When using Kofax Desktop the first time, you have the option of using Kofax Desktop without a
license for a 30-day evaluation period, or registering a license immediately.

To register a Kofax Desktop license, you need to purchase a license key from the Kofax Desktop
Web pages. You can register your Kofax Desktop license on one computer at a time.

Evaluating Kofax Desktop

When you start Kofax Desktop the first time, an evaluation period goes into effect for 30 days.
During the evaluation period, you can use all of the product features without limitations. After the
30 days, you must purchase a license to continue using Kofax Desktop. While the evaluation
period is in effect, the Kofax Desktop License window appears each time you use Kofax Desktop.
You can discontinue the evaluation period at any time by registering Kofax Desktop. For
instructions, see Starting Kofax Desktop the First Time on page 8.

Installing Kofax Desktop

To perform a new installation, download the Kofax Desktop program from the Kofax Web site at


You should install and connect your scanner according to the manufacturer’s instructions

either before or after the Kofax Desktop installation.