Starting kofax desktop the first time – Kofax Desktop 2.0 User Manual

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Kofax Desktop 2.0 Installation Guide


Kofax, Inc.

X To install Kofax Desktop


At the computer where you want to install Kofax Desktop, log in with Administrator



Close your Microsoft Office 2007 programs and all other applications.


Kofax Desktop will not be available from Microsoft Office programs unless they are

closed during this installation.


Go to the Kofax Desktop pages on the Kofax Web site at and download
the program:


To use an evaluation copy of Kofax Desktop without purchasing a license now, click
Download Evaluation copy (see Evaluating Kofax Desktop on page 7).


To purchase the Kofax Desktop license now, click Buy Now and follow the
instructions on the screen to complete the transaction and obtain a license key.

Once the transaction is complete, your Kofax Desktop license key appears in the Receipt
section on the Web page. It is also sent to you via email.


If you purchased Kofax Desktop in the preceding step, make a note of the license key or
copy it to the Clipboard. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.


Download Kofax Desktop by clicking KofaxDesktop.exe.
The files are extracted and the Kofax Desktop installer screen appears.


Click Next and follow the setup instructions on the screen.
During setup, you are prompted to accept the license agreement and to specify a location
for installing Kofax Desktop.


Click Install to start the installation.


When you are notified that the installation is complete, click Finish.

Starting Kofax Desktop the First Time

When using Kofax Desktop the first time, you will need to complete the Kofax Desktop User

X To start using Kofax Desktop


Be sure that you have installed and connected your scanner according to the
manufacturer’s instructions.


Place a document in the scanner feeder.


Do one of the following:


Double-click the Kofax Desktop shortcut on your Windows Desktop.


Click Start, point to the Kofax Desktop program, and click Kofax Desktop.


Start Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, select the Kofax Desktop Scan tab, and
click one of the scan controls.


Start Microsoft Outlook, open a new mail message, appointment or meeting request,
select the Kofax Desktop Scan tab, and click one of the scan controls.


Select a Kofax Desktop scan control after right-clicking from Windows Explorer,
Windows Desktop, or the Kofax Desktop notification area.

The Kofax Desktop User Registration window appears.