Ironing instructions, Automatic shutoff reset button and light, Fabric setting chart – GE 106761 User Manual

Page 5: Optional features

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Fabric Setting Chart

Steam Setting Temperature Setting


Nylon, Acrylic


ironing Instructions

Diy iron using spray if necessary.

Diy iron on the wrong side of the faliric.


Cotton, Linen

Use a press cloth and steam iron on the

wrong side of fabric.

lion while fabric is still damp.

Iron using spray if necessary.
For cotton, iron wliile still damp or use

spray. For linen, iron fabric on wrong side.

Optional Features

(on selected models)

Adjustable Steam Switch

- This switch

provides minimum

<(j)) steam for wool

or maximum ^

steam for linen.

Set the switch to

0 to change to

Dry Iron.

Automatic Shutoff Reset Button and Light -

The light comes on

when the iron is

first plugged in.

After one hour, the

iron will shut off

and the light will

go out. Push the

Reset Button to

turn iron back on.

Spray and Blast of Steam Buttons

- Push

Blast Button for an

extra blast of steam.

Push Spray Button

to release a fine

spray of water for

(difficult wrinkles in

cotton or linen.

Power On Light

-This light comes on

when the iron

is plugged in

and remains on

until the iron is

unplugged. The

light stays on even

if Temperature

Control Dial is

turned to Off.