Problem, Things to check, Troubleshooting – GE 106761 User Manual

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Iron won’t heat.

Water is leaking

out of the iron.

Iron won’t steam.

Iron leaves spots

on clothing.

Wrinkles not


Iron too hot.

Cord is tvdsted.


• Is the iron plugged in and the outlet working?

Check the oudet by plugging in a lamp,

• Is the Temperature Control Dial turned to

a fabric setting?

• If auto shutoff model, is the Reset Light

illuminated? If not, push to reset.

• Do not overfill the water tank.

• If steam ironing, is Adjustable Steam Switch in a

steam position that matches the Temperature Control

Dial steam range? Did the iron have enough time

to preheat?

• If dry ironing, make sure the Adjustable Steam Switch

is in the DRY IRON position.

• Check the water level.

• Is the Adjustable Steam Switch in the STEAM position?

• Has the iron had enough time to preheat?
• ALWAYS empty the water tank of the iron after

using. Water left in the tank may discolor clothing

and soleplate.

• Check Tcmperafure Control Di,d is set to

coiToct fabric.

• Check Temperature Control Dial and set to lower

setting. Let iron cool down 5 minutes before continuing.

• Unplug iron and let cool. Hold iron cord in the middle

of entire length. Let plug and iron dangle freely until

cord uncoils. This will extend the life of your iron cord.