Iron, Soleplate, Optional features – GE 106761 User Manual

Page 6: Caring for your iron

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Optional Features


Quick Storage Shield

- There is no need

to wait for the iron

to cool before

storing. Make sure

the iron has been

turned off and


Then, place the

Quick Storage

Shield on the

iron immediately after ironing.


The soleplate may be hot, so

care must be used in placing the Quick

Storage Shield on the soleplate.

Caring for Your Iron


1. The water tank of your iron should

be emptied after each use. Turn

Temperature Control Dial to Off.

Unplug the iron and hold over a

sink. Slowly tilt pointed end of iron

down over sink. Water will run out

of water tank opening.

2. After iron has completely cooled,

wrap cord loosely around the iron

and store in an upright position. Do

not store iron laying flat on soleplate.


1. Never iron over zippers, pins, metal

rivets, or snaps, as these may scratch

the soleplate.

2. To clean occasional build-up on the

soleplate, wipe with a sudsy cloth. Do

not use abrasive cleansers or metal

scouring pads.

3. Always store iron upright in the heel

rest position.