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Caution: Avoid coming in contact with escaping steam.


For a mist of water to moisten dry and difficult fabrics such as linen,
cotton or wool, or to handle stubborn wrinkles, press the spray button

The spray function is also handy to moisten creases accidentally

ironed into the fabric.

Note: you may have to pump the spray button several times the first
time you use the iron in order to start the spraying action.

Using The Vertical Steam Function

The vertical steam feature allows you to eliminate wrinkles from
drapes without having to take them off the rod or freshen the
appearance of clothing while on the hanger.

1. Position temperature control dial to “OPT^’.

2. Turn the variable steam dial to “OFF’.
3. With the unit UNPLUGGED, fill the iron with water.
4. Stand the iron on its heel in an upright position on an iron-safe

surface and plug in.

5. Turn the temperature control dial to “MAX” .
6. Allow approximately 2 minutes for the iron to reach the desired

temperature. Ready light will illuminate.

7. Turn the variable steam dial to “steam” for vertical steam. Hold

the iron in a vertical position 2 to 6 inches from fabric and slowly
guide along wrinkled area. For extra steam, press the burst of steam

8. When finished, turn temperature control dial to “OFF” and

unplug. Allow iron to cool before cleaning the exterior or storing.

Note : Do not pour water into the steam valve hole.


1. Unplug the iron before filling.

2. Turn the variable steam dial to “OFF”.
3. Hold the iron upright but tripped slightly forward and open the fill


4. Using a measuring cup, slowly pour water into the water fill hole

opening. Do not pour more than 8 ounces of water into the water

5. Check see-through water reservoir to see if iron is filled to

maximum fill line. Close the fill cover. Avoid over filling.

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