Emptying the water tank, Cleaning / flushing, Automatic shut-off – GE 681131689434 User Manual

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The water tank should be emptied after each use. To do so:

1. Unplug iron from the electrical outlet.

2. Open the fill cover and turn the iron upside down to allow water to

flow from the fill hole.

3. Gently shake the iron to loosen any water drops that may be

trapped, the warmth of the iron should dry out any remaining water.

Note: If you empty the water tank after the iron has cooled, set the
iron in an upright position on its heel, plug it in and set the
temperature dial to maximum heat for 2 minutes. Then unplug the
iron and let it cool before storing it.


Flushing the iron is advised after every 5th use to prevent harmful
mineral build-up that can clog the iron and prevent it from heating and
steaming properly. To flush the iron:

1. Position temperature control dial to “OFF’.

2. Turn variable steam dial to “OFF”.
3. Fill the iron’s water tank to its maximum fill line.
4. Plug the iron in and set the temperature control dial to its maximum

setting “ ••• ” linen. Let it heat until the ready light illuminates
(approximately 2 minutes).

5. Turn the variable steam dial to “clean”.
6. Place a hand towel over the ironing surface.
7. Hold the iron horizontally 2 inches above the towel allowing steam

to flow through the vents until the water tank is emptied, you may
also depress the burst of steam button several times remembering to
pause about 5 seconds between bursts to allow the iron to reheat.

8. Pass the iron over a damp cloth to clean the soleplate.

9. When finished, turn temperature control dial to “OFF’ and

unplug, allow iron to cool before cleaning the exterior of the iron
or storing. Use a cloth to wipe off exterior of iron before storing.


The auto shut-off function is provided to turn off electrical power to
the iron if you leave it plugged into an outlet for more than 60
The power/reset light comes on when the iron is first plugged in.
After one hour, the iron will shut off and the light will go out.
Push the reset button to turn iron back on.

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