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Caution: unplug the iron from the electrical outlet before cleaning the
exterior of the iron and storing. Never immerse an appliance in water.
To protect the soleplate from scratching, avoid ironing over snaps,
zippers, metal buttons, etc. also, do not place the iron on metal or
rough surfaces. Slight scratches in stainless steel soleplate do not
affect performance of the iron,

NOTE: Do not put any chemical cleaning agents or solvents in the
water tank.

IMPORTANT: Any servicing that requires disassembly must be
performed by an authorized service center.



Remove the cord from the outlet by grasping the plug rather than
pulling the cord, and allow iron to cool. EMPTY the water tank after
each use.

Customer Assistance

If you have a claim under this w-arrant)’, call our Castomer Assistance
Number. For fitster service please have model, series, and tvpe numbers ready Ibr
operaioi’ to assist you. These mmilx‘rs can lx‘ found on the heel rest of your iron.

MODEL_________________ TYPE:____________________ SERIES;__________________

Customer Assistance Number 1-877-207-0923
Keep this number lor luture reference!

Two-Year Limited Warranty

What does your warranty cover?

• .\ny dcicct in material or workiiuinslii|).

For how long after the original purchase?

• Two years.

Wliat will W4; do?
• Provide you with a new unit.

• The exchange nnii is warranied for ihe

remainder of your product’s original
two-year wairantv’ period.

How do you make a warranU' claim?

• i’roperly park your unit. We recommend

using the original ctirton and packing

• Include in the package a copy of the .sales

receipt or other evidence of date ol’
original purchase. If the unit \«is a gift,
proviile a siaiemeiu specifving Uie date
received. Also print your name and
address and a description of the delect.

• Return the product to your nearest

\V.VI.*NL\RT store or call Customer
Assistance at 1-877-207-0923.

What docs your warranty not cover?

• (kmimeixial use or any other not

found in printed direeiions.

• Damage to articles of clothing due lu

misuse of iron.

• ProrlucLs purchased or serviced outside

Ihe USA.

How docs state law relate to this warrant?

• litis vvarntnty gives yon sj)eeific legal righi.s,

and you may also have other rights which
vaiy from state to state.


expressly disclaims all responsi­

bility for consequential damages or
incidental losses raiised hv iLse of this
appliance. Some siates do noi allow this
e.xclusion or limitation ofinctdenuil or
consequential losses so the Ibregoing
disclaimer may not apply to you.

The warranty fs valid only in Ihe country of
purchased. follow the warranty claim
procedures a.s noted.

• Follow the shipping directions provided

lor warrantv ciaiiiLs.

For products piirehased ont.side ihe United
Slates and Canada, see dealer for vvarraniy.
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Bcmonvillc, .\R 72716

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General Electric Company
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