E-MU 0204 USB 2.0 User Manual

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Software Installation


E-MU Systems

Setup the MIDI Devices

NOTE: If you already have
a MIDI Interface connected,
you can skip steps 14-19.

If you plan to use a MIDI keyboard, now would be a good time to set up your MIDI
devices. Connecting a MIDI keyboard will allow you to use the virtual instruments
provided in the software bundle and get the most out of your purchase. You’ll also
need a MIDI interface such as the E-MU Xmidi 2x2 or Xmidi 1x1.

14. Click the MIDI Devices button. The window shown below appears.

15. Click the Add Device button. A new external

device icon like the one shown at right appears.

16. Double-click on the new external device if you

want to set the MIDI Keyboard Properties. You
have the option to name and change the icon
for the device. Click Apply, then click the Close
button to close the Properties window.