Macintosh os x – E-MU 0204 USB 2.0 User Manual

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Software Installation

0204 USB Owner’s Manual


6. Click the Yes button.
7. Restart your computer when prompted.

You may now re-install existing or updated E-MU device drivers or applications.

Macintosh OS X

Follow these instructions to install the 0204 USB drivers and software on a
Macintosh OS X computer. First, connect the 0204 USB to your computer as shown

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Install the

0204 USB Software

1. Insert the E-MU Software/Manual CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
2. Double-click on the E-MU icon on the desktop.

3. Double-click on the Install icon to start the installation.

4. The installation Welcome screen appears. Follow the instructions on the


5. When the Authenticate dialog box appears, enter the administrator password

you chose when you installed OS X.

6. Continue to follow the instructions on the screen to continue the installation.

You will be given the option to install:

Easy Install: Installs the following applications and drivers.

E-MU 0204 USB: USB Drivers and Control Application

Custom Install: allows you to choose which components are installed.

7. Easy Install is recommended. The software will be quickly installed. When

prompted, restart your computer.

8. Be sure to register your 0204 USB so we can advise you of future software

updates and special offers. You can register online at:

Set-up the 0204 USB as your Default Audio Device

9. Click Go -> Utilities from the menu bar.

10. Double-click Audio MIDI Setup, then click the Audio Devices button if it’s

not already selected. The window shown on the following page appears.

11. Select the 0204 USB for the following: Default Input, Default Output, System

Output, Properties For.

12. Play a song on iTunes to verify that the 0204 USB is the default device for

audio playback.

13. Quit iTunes.