Controls & headphone output – E-MU 0204 USB 2.0 User Manual

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Controls & Headphone Output

0204 USB Owner’s Manual



1. Signal Level & Clip Indicators

The LED signal level indicators make it easy for you to set a proper signal
level. When the input level is too low, the green and red LEDs will both be off.
When the input level is correctly set, the green signal LED should be flick-
ering. If the signal level is too high, the green and red LEDs will both be on.
The red clip indicators show that the input level has exceeded 0dBFS.

2. Left/Right Gain Controls

These controls set the input gain from 0dB to +60dB for the two inputs.

3. Direct Monitor Level Control

This digital encoder controls how much of the input signal is mixed with the
signal from the computer and is adjustable from unity gain (no attenuation)
to off. This feature allows you to hear your instrument through the monitor
speakers while you are recording. The Direct Monitor Control does not have
end-stops like the other controls and you may have to turn it more than one
revolution to set the desired level.

4. Direct Monitor On/Off & Mono-Stereo Switch

Press the button to turn Direct Monitoring on and off and to switch modes.
The stereo LED illuminates. The left and right channels are passed through to
their respective outputs at the level set by the Direct Monitor Level control.
Press the button again to sum the left and right direct monitor channels to
mono. Mono mode is useful when the two inputs are being used for separate
instruments. See

“Direct Monitoring” on page 17



Headphone Jack
This is a 1/4” jack to connect your stereo headphones. If your headphones use
the smaller 1/8” plug, you’ll need an adapter of the type shown on

page 23


The stereo headphone channels can be configured to be independent of the
main outputs. This allows you to create a separate headphone mix in your
recording application or use the headphone jack as another pair of outputs.

page 23

for an illustration of a headphone adapter cable.


Headphone Level Control / Power Switch

This knob controls the volume of the headphone output. This switch also
turns the 0204 USB on or off.


Kensington Security Lock