Troubleshooting – E-MU 0204 USB 2.0 User Manual

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0204 USB Owner’s Manual



Can’t hear Windows Media Player in Windows
If you have, or ever have had, another audio device installed in your PC, you may
have to set the E-MU 0204 USB as the “Default Audio Device”.

1. Open the Control Panel, then select Sounds and Audio Devices.
2. Click the Audio tab and select the E-MU 0204 USB as the Default device under

Sound Playback.

3. Click the Volume button under Sound Playback and turn up Wave volume.

You cannot record or monitor ASIO and WAVE at the same time. The first audio
application you open controls the E-MU 0204 USB.

Lost Communication
Should you lose communication between your E-MU 0204 and an audio appli-
cation (Ableton Live, Cubase, Sonar, etc.), the E-MU 0204 USB drivers may need to
be re-selected in your application.

1. Go to your application's I/O settings, de-select the E-MU 0204 USB for both

input and output.

2. Apply these changes and exit the dialog.
3. Re-enter the application's preference settings and re-select the E-MU 0204 USB

drivers. If this doesn’t work, the application may need to be restarted.

Ground Loops
In digital audio devices and computers, audio ground loops may appear as pitched
tones, digital hash in the background, as well as the familiar 50/60 cycle hum.
Ground loops are caused by a difference in ground potential between two pieces of
equipment. Computer audio devices are particularly susceptible to ground loops
because most computers were not designed with high quality audio in mind.
The E-MU 0204 USB contains built-in “ground lift” switches for both analog
inputs in order to safely break the loop if a ground loop occurs in your setup.

The ground-lift switches are located on the bottom of the unit, close to the rear
panel. The input ground is lifted when the A or B slide switch is closest to the GND
LIFT label.

Pops & Crackles
Pops and crackling noises in the audio are most often caused by having the ASIO
Buffer Size
set too low. Adding audio tracks and VST plug-ins increases the load on
your computer’s CPU. If your computer cannot keep up with all the tasks you are
asking it to perform, pops and crackles may occur. In effect, increasing the ASIO
buffer gives your computer “more time” to complete its assigned tasks. The
hardware Direct Monitor feature of the 0204 USB allows you to increase the ASIO
Buffer setting without the associated latency problems during recording and
USB hubs can create problems with digital audio and should be avoided whenever



Input Ground Lifted

Input Grounded