Glossary prepare the transmitter – Flyzone FLZA2900 User Manual

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Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery: Rechargeable battery which is used to power the airplane. LiPo batteries are

lighter and smaller than most other types of rechargeable batteries.

Transmitter (TX): This is the hand-held unit that sends the signal to the control unit, or receiver (RX).
Receiver (RX): This is part of the power module that responds to input from the transmitter.
Rudder: The flight control on the airplane that controls turning direction. This will yaw the plane so that the nose

points in toward the direction of the turn and will cause the wings to roll into the turn.

Elevator: The flight control that controls pitch attitude. By adding power and pitching up, you can make the model

climb or loop.

Center of Gravity (C.G.): Point at which the aircraft must balance in order to fly properly.
Glide Slope: The proper path for an airplane approaching a landing strip.
Binding Button (or Trim Reset Button): Binding is a dedicated relationship between a 2.4GHz transmitter and

receiver, in which the receiver responds to input from the transmitter. Once this relationship is established the
units are bound. The binding button may also be used to reset the elevator and rudder to the original position
established when the module is installed on the airframe (not recommended during flight). It is recommended to
use the Binding Button when changing airframes.



Install (4) “AA” batteries (included).

Right Stick
Elevator / Rudder

Control Surface Trims

Left Stick


Binding Button

(or Trim Reset Button)

Mixing Dial

USB Charger Port

Power Switch