Flyzone FLZA2900 User Manual

Page 9

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Take off (or hand launch) and land heading into
the wind. The Uberlite will take off with ease
at just 1/2 throttle and 3/4 up elevator throw.

If any time during operation the controls or
propeller become jammed or unresponsive,
lower the power to the propeller, land and
cycle the power on the Uberlite by removing
& reinstalling the battery.

Once in the air, gain altitude to allow yourself
sufficient reaction time to make a correction
during flight. Once you’re comfortable, adjust
the rudder and elevator trims one click at a time
so that the Uberlite flies straight and level with
the control sticks centered. Concentrate on brief
control stick inputs of rudder so that the Uberlite
turns without causing the aircraft to roll. A slight amount of up elevator may be necessary to maintain altitude going
into a turn and the elevator will need to be returned to neutral when coming out of a turn to avoid gaining altitude.

It’s recommended that you attempt to land before the motor cuts out due to low voltage. Attempt to land into the wind
by pitching the elevator up, slowing the descent and reducing the glide slope. Gradually reduce the throttle and just
before touchdown apply some up elevator to land safely on the landing gear and tail skid. Un-power the model and
switch off transmitter. Allow the motor to cool between flights.



Once the aircraft has landed, disconnect the battery from the Uberlite before turning off the TX. Allow the motor and
battery to cool between flights and recharging.

Disconnect magnetic linkage before removing
the Power Module from the Uberlite.

When finished, store the Uberlite components
in its box to prevent damage.