Tips and tricks care – Giga Tent FT 049 User Manual

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• In windy conditions wrap the fly bungee around the pole several times before hooking it to the ring, this will keep the rainfly from


• Be sure to FULLY close the door zippers in rainy weather as water can find it’s way through an open zipper.

• At a minimum we suggest SEAM SEALING the seams at the bottom of the windows to insure that water won’t come through the needle


• When setting up your tent be mindful not to set it up underneath dead tree branches or limbs as these could snap off in windy conditions.

• In sandy soil a longer stake or a deadman such as driftwood or logs will work better than a normal stake. Bury the deadman at least a foot

into the sand and attach both tent and deadman with the guylines.

• Carrying a combination of different types of stakes will make camping in different places easier and speed set up.

• Never pull on the tent to remove the stakes. This could result in tearing the fabric or seams of tent. Stakes should only be removed by

pulling on stake itself.

• Refer to Troubleshooting guide on the following page for additional information.

Ultra Violet (UV) Exposure
Your tent is made of UV resistant polyester fabric which is resistant but NOT impervious to the damaging effects of long term sun

exposure. We DO NOT suggest long term set up of ANY of our products as this will severely damage the tent fabric.

Seam Sealing
Gigatent suggests that at a MINIMUM the seams at the bottom of the windows should be sealed using a product like McNetts Seam Grip or

a good water based tent sealer to prevent moisture from coming through the needle holes. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when

applying seam sealer.

Structural Integrity
Although the tent was constructed to rigid specifications periods of wind and soaking rain may loosen the stakes and guylines to the point

of allowing the rainfly to flap. This can in turn cause the poles to loosen weakening the overall structure. Loosening of the rainfly can also

create pockets that can collect water which can lead to pole failure. To insure that this does not occur take care during windy or rainy

conditions that all of the stakes and guylines are secure and tight.

DO NOT under any circumstances store your tent wet or damp. Mildew will quickly destroy a tents waterproof coating. Allow your tent to

dry and then store in a cool dry place.

Washing Your Tent
NEVER machine wash a tent as this can cause damage to the waterproof coating. Hand wash with a mild soap and rinse with clean water

and allow to COMPLETELY dry before storing. An extremely dirty tent can be set up and washed like a car or it can be washed in a bathtub

using your hands to agitate the water or a soft brush.