IC Realtime 128 Channel Intel Core i5 Processor Super NVR User Manual

Nvr8128, 128 channel intel core i5 processor super nvr, Main features

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128 Channel Intel Core i5 Processor Super NVR

The absolute top of the line. Large, powerful, and ‘in-charge’, the NVR-8128 is the pinnacle of High Definition video

recording solutions. Due to the size of this device (19’’ wide, 3U high), the NVR8128 is commonly rack mounted in most


Boasting an impressive 16 HDDs, 4 Gigabit network interface cards, dual power supplies, and 6 HDMI outputs, the

NVR8128 serves a critical focus as ‘the core’ of your surveillance backbone. Fully redundant HDDs (RAID compatible), and

Fault Tolerant Network cards will help guarantee a constant 24/7/365 of uptime for your surveillance recorder. The

NVR8128 supports 384 Mbps of recording and decoding throughput, meaning you can record 128 channels @ D1, 96 @
720P, or 48 @ a full 1080P. Typical NVR8128 deployments include: large offices, medium to large businesses, banks,

casinos, schools, government establishments, etc.

Beyond this, the NVR8128 comes standard with 6 HDMI outputs (1 primary display, with up to 64 camera view, and 5

secondary displays with up to 4 camera views), Alarm I/O’s, and two-way talk, making it a fully featured Network Video

Recorder. This IC Realtime series recorder utilizes H.264E (Enhanced H.264) compression technology, enabling crisp

image viewing with the least bandwidth consumption possible. This unit adopts an x86 architecture (powered by an

Intel© core i5 quad core processor), as well as a Linux operating System, resulting in high levels of stability, performance,

and most importantly: reliability. In addition, this unit is fully operational from remote locations over standard Ethernet


Main Features

Recordings at a resolution of D1 with 128
camera recordings.

Provides 'fall-back' fault-tolerance by employing

16 internal SATAII hard drives.

Intelligent system diagnostics

Max 384 Mbps. Up to 128 channel@D1, 96

channel@720P, 48 channel@1080P real time


128ch IP camera connections

Up to 48 channel HD real time transmission and


Video Outputs: 1 Primary VGA (64 camera view),

1 Primary HDMI (64 camera view), 5 Secondary

HDMI (single or quad view)

Support 16 hot-swap SATA HDDs to better its

scalability and flexibility

Support RAID0/1/5(optional)

ONVIF Version 2.0

Front LCD display

Dual Power Supply (-D model)

Supports Multi-brand network cameras