Slant/Fin Kicker User Manual

Installation, operation & maintenance instructions

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The Kicker
, by Slant/Fin meets a wide range of
supplementary heating requirements. It is commonly
installed horizontally at floor level in the toe space
(“kickspace”) under a kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity.

The Kicker can also be wall mounted vertically using a
Slant/Fin accessory kit (sold separately). For a recessed
wall application use Accessory Kit RMK. For surface wall
mounting use Accessory Kit SMK. Each recessed or
surface mounted accessory wall kit includes the front
panel and all other necessary hardware and instructions
for installation.

To ensure years of dependable and efficient service,
follow all installation, operation and maintenance

Locating and Securing The Kicker Under a Cabinet
1. Remove drawers and/or shelves from kitchen or

vanity cabinet to reveal the cabinet base (floor of
cabinet). See Figure 1.

2. Remove or cut an opening in the cabinet base that

is large enough to provide ample clearance to solder



" tube connections, to wire 120 volt

electrical power, and to install The Kicker through this
opening. Also, cut an opening beginning at the floor
level, or 3



" x 19



" in the toe plate of the cabinet.

Then secure the grille over this opening using the
screws provided.

3. Rough in plumbing connections from the building’s

hot water space heating system. Rough in 120V
electrical wiring. See Fig. 1 and instructions for
“Plumbing Connections” and “Electrical Connections”.

4. Place The Kicker through the cutout and secure

to floor through holes in chassis (fasteners NOT
provided). The discharge opening of The Kicker
should be tight against the inside of the toe plate
grille, with switch centered in switch cutout
opening of grille on the right side.

CAUTION: DO NOT exert pressure on the blower wheel
or coil when handling the chassis. This may cause
permanent damage and impair the performance of
the unit.


Surface and Recessed
Mounting Dimensions
for the Kicker