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• Ensure that the materials of the vacuum gauge head’s wetted parts are compat-

ible with the substances in the vacuum system, see section “Technical data”.

Safety during operation

Adopt suitable measures to prevent the release of dangerous, toxic, explosive,

corrosive, noxious or polluting fluids, vapours and gases.

Prevent any part of the human body from coming in contact with the vacuum.

Attention: Maximum pressure reading: 1*10


mbar. Pressure values above

1000 mbar can not be displayed.

Danger of unnoticed overpressure! Risk of


Attention! Magnetic field.

Persons with active body aids (e.g. cardiac pacemakers) must keep a minimum

safety distance of approx. 10 cm (4in) to the magnetic unit of the MPT 100 /

MPT 200 (see also safety symbols on the vacuum gauge head).

Electronic equipment is never 100% fail-safe. This may lead to an ill-defined sta-

tus of the equipment or of other connected devices. Provide appropriate protective

measures to allow for the possibility of failure and malfunction. The protective meas-

ures must also allow for the requirements of the respective application.

Maintenance and repair

The vacuum gauge head itself is maintenance-free.

A damp cloth may be used to clean the vacuum gauge head at the outside. Ensure

that the MPT 100 / MPT 200 is first disconnected from the vacuum gauge DCP 3000.

Note: The equipment may be contaminated with harmful or dangerous substan-

ces, which have been processed during operation. Ensure that the equipment

is completely decontaminated before maintenance commences. Take adequate

precautions to protect people from the effects of dangerous substances if con-

tamination has occurred. Use appropriate protective clothing, safety goggles and

protective gloves.

The vacuum gauge head is not prepared for customer repair.

Return the vacuum gauge head to the factory for repair.

Vacuum gauge head failures due to contamination are not covered by the warranty.

Returned products will not be repaired until the completed “Health and safety clear-

ance form“ has been received.

In order to comply with laws (occupational, health and safety regulations, safety at

work law and regulations for environmental protection) components and measuring

instruments can only be returned when certain procedures (see section ”

Notes on

return to the factory”) are followed.



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