Verity Audio Rocco - Packing / Unpacking Instructions User Manual


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P r o d u c t U n p a c k i n g I n s t r u c t i o n s

The packaging contains :


(1) ATA approved flight case;

ii. (1) Power cord;
iii. (2) Speaker grilles;
iv. (1) Hardened glass;

(2) Accessory boxes;

vi. (1) Package containing the owner's manual.

One accessory box contains :


(4) Threaded spikes;

ii. (4) Threaded spikes locking nuts.

The other accessory box contains :


(9) Sorbothane bumpers.

WARNING: The Rocco’s module and its packaging are big and
heavy. Any operations that ask for moving, lifting or tilting will
require the assistance of a second person. Attempting to do it
alone could be hazardous, create injuries or permanent
damage to the loudspeaker.

1. Cut and remove the tie wrap which securely holds the

four (4) latches of the subwoofer;

2. Lift each of the latch’s handles, then twist

counterclockwise 180 degrees and pull to release;

3. Completely open and remove the upper shell of the flight


4. Remove the power cord located inside the port;

5. Place the hands under the central section of the cabinet.

Lift the section and carefully lay it on the base of the flight

6. Turn the subwoofer over on one speaker side;

7. Assemble the four (4) spike locking nuts with the four (4)

threaded spikes. Leave approximately half an inch
between the tip end and the nut;

8. Move the subwoofer back on its spikes;

9. Connect the power cord to the subwoofer and to the wall


10. Connect the signal output to the selected Rocco input

panel. Adjust the subwoofer position and the control for
the best result. (See the owner’s manuaal for detailed
information.) This adjustment should be done without the
grilles and glass;

11. Place the nine (9) sorbothane bumpers on the Rocco

active subwoofer. Make a 3 X 3 array. Remove the
hardened glass at the bottom of the fight case and
carefully place it on the sorbothane bumpers;

12. Attach the grilles on each side;

13. Place unused accessories inside the fligh case and store it