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Sarastro, Lower module packing instructions

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Lower Module Packing Instructions

The packing accessories are:


(2) ATA approved flight cases;

ii. (2) Fabric


iii. (2)

Speaker grilles;

iv. (1)

Package containing the owner’s manual;



Accessory boxes.

Each flight case provides space for:


(1) Lower module cabinet;

ii. (1)

Speaker grille;

iii. (1) Owner’s manual and registration card

(contained in one case only);

iv. (4)

Teflon skates


(1) Accessory


One accessory box provides space for:


(12) Connector posts.

The other accessory box provides space for:


(8) Threaded


ii. (8)

Threaded spike locking nuts;

iii. (4)

Jumper cables.

WARNING: The Sarastro’s lower module and its packaging are
big and heavy. Any operations that ask for moving, lifting or
tilting will require the assistance of a second person.
Attempting to do it alone could be hazardous, create injuries
or permanent damage to the loudspeaker.

1. Unscrew and remove the four connector posts from the

lower module;

2. Slightly tilt the lower module to one side and hold it

while the other person removes the spikes. Repeat for the
other side;

3. Cover the lower module with the protective fabric bag.

The bottom elastic band should surround each cone.

4. Open and remove the flight case upper shell. Bring the

bottom of the flight case next to the lower module
cabinet. Align it to fit with the bottom of the cabinet.
Make sure to match with the serial number indicated on
the flight case;

5. Place the connector posts, the threaded spikes and locking

nuts in the accessory boxes and store them in the space
provided in the bottom of the flight case;

6. Attache the monitor’s front grilles inside the upper shell;

7. Lift one module and carefully install it inside the flight


8. Carefully install the flight case upper shell by matching

the two black pop rivets together;

9. Secure the flight case upper shell in place by closing the

four latches. Locking the latches with tie wraps is highly

10. Repeat step 1 to 9 to pack the second loudspeaker;

11. The Sarastro’s lower modules are now ready to be

addressed and shipped.

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