Verity Audio Tamino - Packing / Unpacking Instructions User Manual


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P r o d u c t U n p a c k i n g I n s t r u c t i o n s

The packing accessories are:


(2) Loudspeaker grilles;

ii. (2) Accessory


iii. (1) Package containing the owner’s manual,

the warranty card and the registration card.

Each accessory box contains:


(2) Connector


ii. (4) Threaded spikes;
iii. (4) Threaded spike locking nuts.

1. Place the cardboard box on its upright position. See the

indications printed on the cardboard box;

2. Cut the two black straps;

3. Remove the packing tape that surrounds the cover;

4. Completely open the cover;

5. Extract the four wooden boards from the sides;

6. Lift the cardboard on its upright position;

7. Gently take the inner cardboard box and slide it

completely outside the main cardboard box;

8. Remove the loudspeaker grille and the owner’s manual

from the top protective foam board.
The instruction manual might be found in the second
cardboard box;

9. Cut the black straps fixed on the inner cardboard box;

10. Gently remove the inner cardboard box by sliding it all

the way up;

11. Remove the protective foam cover inserted on the top of

the loudspeaker;

12. Detach the accessory box from the protective foam cover;

13. Carefully insert the hands inside the bottom protective

foam cover in order to take the bottom of the loudspeaker.
While lifting the loudspeaker, dislodge the foam cover
and lay the loudspeaker directly on the floor;

14. Unwrap and remove the plastic bag covering the


15. Repeat steps 1 to 14 for the second loudspeaker;

16. Assemble the (8) spike locking nuts with the (8) threaded

spikes. Leave approximately half an inch between the tip
end and the nut. Put them aside for later installation (once
you have found the final placement of the speakers

17. Screw the connector posts halfway at the rear of each


18. For proper installation, please read the Installation

Chapter of the manual;

19. After installation, you should place unused accessories

inside the case before storage.