Vexilar Open Water Mounting Kit User Manual

Open water mounting kit instructions, Installation, Unit mounting

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Vexilar Open Water Mounting Kit Instructions


Open  Water  Mounting  Kit  Instructions


There  are  three  parts  to  mounting  your  flasher  to  your  boat;;  mounting  the

unit,  connecting  it  to  power,  and  mounting  the  transducer.


Unit  Mounting

Find   a   convenient   place   to   mount   the   unit.   This   may   include   a   boat   seat,

deck,   or   dash.   Make   sure   that   there   is   plenty   of   room   for   the   unit   to   tilt

and/or   swivel   freely   without   the   cables   binding   behind   the   unit.   Once   you

have  found  the  spot,  securely  attach  the  bracket  to  the  surface  using  the

screws  provided.  Place  your  unit  into  the  new  bracket  using  the  side  knobs

that  came  with  your  flasher.


Power  Connection

Plug  the  power  connector  into  the  back  of  the  unit  On  FL8/18  units  this  will

be   a   flat   3   pin   connector   with   red   wire   for   positive   and   on   FL12/20   units

will  be  a  round  2  pin  connector  with  white  wire  for  positive.  Find  the  closest

source   of   12   volts   (Usually   the   starting   battery   or   console)   and   run   the

power   cord   to   it.   Keep   the   cord   away   from   sharp   metal   edges   and   avoid

tight   places   where   the   cord   may   get   crushed.   Connect   the   red   or   white

wire   to   positive   and   the   black   wire   to   negative   terminal,   or   ground.   THE

BLACK   WIRE   WILL   ALWAYS   BE   GROUND   OR   NEGATIVE.   If   the   cord

provided   is   not   long   enough   more   can   be   added.   Use   18   gauge   wire

minimum.   It   is   recommended   that   the   1   amp   in-­line   fuse   (provided)   be

placed   in   the   positive   line   as   close   to   the   power   source   as   possible   to

protect  against  any  shorts  in  the  wiring.


Transducer  Mounting

There   are   two   main   types   of   transducers   available;;   high   speed   transom

mount   and   the   puck   style   transducers.   Follow   the   directions   for   the

transducer  you  have  purchased.


Transom  Mount

To   get   a   true   vertical   depth   reading,   the   transducer

should  be  mounted  parallel  to  the  water  line.  A  10  degree

variation  is  acceptable.  If  the  hull  is  reasonably  flat  with  a

dead  rise  of  10  degree  or  less,  mount  as  shown  in  Figure

1a.   If   dead   rise   is   greater   than   10   degrees,   mount   as

shown  in  Figure  1b.