Vexilar UltraPack User Manual

Getting started vexilar ultra pack, Getting started with the v exilar ultra p ack

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Getting Started with the V

exilar Ultra P


The transducer holder keeps the Ice-Ducer secured during
storage and transportation. Be sure to put your transducer
inside when it’s not in use. Use the cable grips to tie up any
lose cable. Also, be careful not to let the tackle box sit on top of
the cable, as the cable may become damaged.

The transducer support eye-bolt is
an alternative to using the float
to hold your transducer in posi-
tion. It can be handy for early,
thin ice. Thread the eye-bolt into
the front or either side. Remove

the float from the transducer cord and hang the
transducer by the stopper using the eye-bolt. Be
sure to remove the eye-bolt when you’re not using
it to prevent damage to your Ultra Pack. There’s
a slot just behind the front rod holder sockets for
eye-bolt storage.

Getting Started

Vexilar Ultra Pack

with the

Thank you for purchasing the Vexilar Ultra Pack. Your system is completely
assembled and ready to fish. There are just a few things you need to know

before you begin. Be sure you read through both sides of this sheet as well as
the Owner’s Manual for your flasher.

The rod holder fits in any of the four
sockets located at each corner of the
Ultra Pack. Simply slide it into place
and angle it the way you want. The
rod holder should be stowed in a
front socket for storage. If you would
like to get another rod holder, con-
tact your dealer or Vexilar.

The Ice-Ducer is designed to hold your transducer level at the desired depth
below the water surface. Just slide the stopper along the cable (stick your finger
in the slot to make it slip easier) and set the distance between it and the bottom
of the transducer to the approximate thickness of the ice.

Cable storage is located behind the
tackle box holder. After you’ve set the
Ice-Ducer depth, wrap the extra cable
around the holder arms and then use
the cable grips on each side to keep the
cable in place.