Vexilar ProPack User Manual

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4. Make sure that when you are done using your Pro Pack you

recharge the battery and disconnect it before long storage
periods. Remember to top it off every couple of months
when you're not using it.

5. Read the included owners manual for

complete instructions on how to oper-
ate and interprete the flasher unit.

The Vexilar Pro Pack comes pre-assembled with everything you need

to start fishing. There are several things that you need to know before
you use the system for the first time.

1. The power connections are pre-wired, but the unit is shipped with the

battery disconnected so that it will not discharge while the package is
on the store shelf. You must connect it before you can use the Pro Pack.
Simply push the connectors onto the proper terminals (red for posi-
tive and black for negative). The battery is charged so the Battery Status
Indicator should read Full. It won't hurt to top it off, just so you know
that it is fully charged. See the other side of this sheet for complete
battery charging instructions.

2. Make sure you use the protective foam insert next to the battery to

store the Ice-Ducer. Simply push the transducer into the hole. This will
guard against vibration and impact damage that can cause the trans-
ducer to become weak.

3. The short arm is provided in case you don’t want to use the Ice-Ducer's

float to support the transducer in the ice hole. The Transducer Support
Arm mounts by sliding one of the square ends into one of the verti-
cal slots in the base of the Porta Case. It can be installed four different
ways, depending on which side of the unit you want to hang the trans-
ducer from. Be sure to remove the float from the transducer cord by
pulling it through the slit in the side of the float. Hang the Ice-
Ducer from the support arm by setting the stopper in the semi-
circle at the end of the arm. Adjust your transducer depth
as desired.















Transducer Support Arm

Ice-Ducer System