Visual Sound Comp 66 User Manual

Comp 66, Internal control

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Comp 66

One of the great things about the new V2 Series of pedals is that you can now get your
favorite Visual Sound effects in single effect pedals… something that has long been
requested by musicians. As soon as the Route 66 pedal came out in 1999, Visual Sound
started getting requests for the compressor in a single pedal. It can sound like a vintage
Dyna Comp or Ross compressor, but is much more versatile, having a Tone control
(which can be turned on or off) and a clean-boost pre-amp controlled by the Gain knob.

The Comp 66 also has a very effective yet subtle noise gate, set to “On” at the factory.
You’ll probably want to leave it on, but if you really don’t want it, you can turn it off
with the mini switch located inside the bottom of the pedal.

Following are some settings to get you started:

Version 05/2010

Power with either a 9V alkaline battery or 9VDC regulated power supply like the 1 SPOT.


Circuit Board