Visual Sound V2 Liquid Chorus User Manual

Liquid chorus

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Liquid Chorus

One of the great things about the new V2 Series of pedals is that you can now get your
favorite Visual Sound effects in single effect pedals… something that has long been
requested by musicians. Liquid Chorus is a wonderfully voiced effect for electric,
acoustic, or bass guitar, using pure analog circuitry. Use the Depth knob to set the
overall style of Chorus (from light to lush) and the user-friendly knobs for the settings.
Unlike H2O, the second output of Liquid Chorus is a true stereo output for extremely
spacious sounds when used with two amps or a PA system.

Following are some settings to get you started:

Version 05/2010

Power with either a 9V alkaline battery or 9VDC regulated power supply like the 1 SPOT.

Internal Control:

Output 2 Dry or Stereo
Switch: Factory setting
is Stereo. Switch to
Dry for non-effected
output on Output 2.
Output 1 is always