Visual Sound V2 H20 User Manual

Echo, Chorus

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Anyone who has ever tried the H2O pedal has loved it. Warm, liquid, and lush are some
of the words frequently used to describe this pedal. The new V2 Series H2O gives the
same great tone guitarists have come to love over the years, but with all the advantages of
V2 construction.

Chorus, Echo, or both… use each channel by itself or combine them just as you would
two separate pedals! The Chorus channel is a wonderfully voiced effect for electric,
acoustic, or bass guitar, using pure analog circuitry. Use the Norm/Lush switch to set the
overall style of Chorus and the user-friendly knobs for the settings. H2O’s Echo channel
is a warm, analog voiced echo... completely natural sounding. There is even a second
(non-effected) output jack for stereo amplifier setups. Following are some settings to get
you started:



Version 05/2010