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Mission Statement

Committed to excellence

Zapco is dedicated to the pursuit of audio fidelity. Our prime objectives are to

design and manufacture audio products of unsurpassed quality, to provide

unparalleled support and service for these products, and to conduct business in a

manner that will enhance the quality of life for all involved.

Experience: Knowledge from doing

There is absolutely no substitute for experience; that is a simple fact of life.

Another simple fact is that Zapco has, for over forty years, been the leader in

defining quality standards for the car audio industry. These years of experience

have led to a thorough understanding of the challenges that are unique to the

world of car audio. Zapco's relentless quest for sonic purity consistently yields

imaginative designs that utilize the most innovative technologies. The resulting

products set the criteria by which all others in the industry are judged.

The Zapco Z-Series

The Z-Series of Zapco amplifiers is the result of our experience over the last 40

years with the technology of sound reproduction, combined with what we have

learned in consultations with the home and car audiophile communities over the

last few years about human perception of sound. We have also used a number of

studies of the human physiology to examine what an amplifier should do to make

reproduced music sound more like live music.

What did we discover? The proper combination of output devices, op-amps,

capacitors and other internal components makes a huge difference in the quality

of the sound an amplifier produces. We also determined that with technological

advances over the last 10 years we could now develop a more efficient Class D

amplifier that would have the SQ specs at 1Ω to equal or even surpass those of

most A/B amps.

What we did: We set our standards for specifications in Class A/B and Class D and

assured that all amps would meet them. Then we used the best combination of

tantalum capacitors,

NJM 5532L and OPA 2134 op-amps, KEC and Sanken high speed

bi-polar output devices

Calss A/B ampsand MOSFET output devices for the Class D

amplifiers to produce what we believe are the best sounding

amplifiers we have ever


Great sounding Class D? Yes indeed! Class D with less than 0.5% THD at full

power! Class D with damping over 350 at 1Ω.

(That's the same as an A/B amp with

damping of over 1,400 at 4Ω!

) Class D with a S/N ratio of 90dB.

What's it all mean? Clear, sharp, earth shaking bass that won't go soft and muddy

at high volumes. If your speaker can handle it, these amps can produce it