Features, Z-1kd / z-2kd / z-3kd – Zapco Z-series D User Manual

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Digital class-D linkable mono block amplifier

Daisy-chain pass-through RCA output

Dual MOS-FET PWM power supplies

Stable into 1 ohm / 2 ohm parallel speaker connection

24 dB Variable low pass (LPF) crossover

12 dB Variable bass boost equalization

0 - 180 degree variable phase shift

24 dB Variable subsonic filter

Selectable master and slave operation for strapped amplifiers

Speaker short, over current, thermal, and DC protection circuits

Line input and master output / slave input

Heavy duty cooper layer double sided epoxy PCB

4 Guage (AWG) battery input connectors (Z-1KD)

0 Guage (AWG) battery input connectors (Z-2KD/3KD)

100% QC testing and warm up

Efficiency: 86% at 4 ohm, 100 Hz

Tested voltage & THD : 14.4V and less than 0.5% THD at 4 ohm RMS watt

Operating voltage: DC 10V ~ 16V power input

Damping factor: > 350

Wired remote control (optional)



Z-1KD / Z-2KD / Z-3KD