Canon L90 User Manual

Page 157

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Option A-2: Multiple Box Return

We encourage you to use this option as a more efficient way to ship cartridges.

Complete Option A-1.
Bundle multiple cartridge boxes together securely with tape.

Please be sure that the shipment does not exceed UPS specifications.
Maximum weight = 70 lb. (31.8 kg)
Maximum length = 108 in. (2,743 mm)
Maximum girth (length + 2 x width + 2 x height) = 130 in. (3,302 mm)
If your shipment exceeds the above limits, please call 1-800-OK-Canon for special
shipping information.

Please Note:
Do not send defective cartridges for replacement.
Defective cartridges under warranty should be exchanged by an authorized dealer or
service facility as provided in the warranty.