Blind hemming (optional) – SINGER W1855 User Manual

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BLIND HEMMING (optional)

Fold the fabric as illustrated with the "wrong" side facing upwards.(l).

Place the folded fabric under the foot as shown.

Turn the hand wheel towards you by hand, until the needle swings over to
far left. It should then just pierce the fold of the fabric. (2) If it does not t

adjust the position of the fabric.


Once the correct position of the fabric has been set, position the "guide" of
foot (3) up against the fold (2) by turning the nut (4).

Proceed to sew carefully feeding the fabric to ensure it retains the correct p<

tion against the guide. ¡3) Note: Some practice will be needed to obtain the b

results. Always test the stitch first on a spare piece of fabric.