SINGER W510 User Manual

Page 22

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Pinning may be used as a time saver instead of
hand basting. Place your pins at right angles

to the edge of the fabric with the pin head at
the raw edge. It is possible to sew over pins,
but for best results it is recommended that the

pins be removed as you approach the presser
foot. Sewing over pins can result in damaged






Before placing fabrics under the presser foot,
make sure that the take-up lever is at its
highest position. Place your fabric so that its

raw edge is even with the back edge of the
presser foot.

When placing a heavy, bulky fabric under the
foot push up on the presser foot lever for extra

lift while you are positioning the fabric. Place

the thread ends, which are 3—4 inches long,
under the presser foot and either to the left or

to the right. Be sure that both thread ends are
under the presser foot. Always lower presser
foot before sewing. (Fig. 54)

Push the reverse lever down so that the machine

sews a few stitches backwards to the edge of
the fabric to backtack, then release the lever
allowing the machine to continue forward.


• Etched Seam Guide
The etched seam guides on the needle plate are

graduated in


inch divisions measured from

the middle needle position. (Fig. 55) In order
to use the etched guides effectively, let the
edge of the fabric follow the line selected for

the seam. Therefore, for a 5/8 inch seam, place
the raw edge of the fabric on the line marked
"5/8". in order to sew a straight line, let your
eye follow the etched lines, not the needle.

• Cloth Guide

This guide may be placed on the machine for
extra help in keeping seams straight. It will
allow you to guide seams from 1/4 inch to




inch in width, so that it is useful for

seams of unusual widths. (Fig. 56)

• Presser Foot as a Guide
Straight Stitch Foot — for a 1/4 inch seam,

guide the fabric along the right side of the
foot. (Fig. 57)

All Purpose: Foot — for a 1/8 inch seam,

guide the fabric along the right side of the
needle hole. (Fig. 58)