Threadtngmmhine, Threading machine, O f t – SINGER 30518 User Manual

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O f T ^


1. Turn power off.

2. Raise needle.

3. Raise presser foot.

4. Raise spool pin and

Place felt and thread

onto spool pin.

5. Pull thread into thread


(refer to page 7.)



Follow arrows, guide

thread into threading

channel and up to

take-up lever (1).

7. Thread take-up lever

eye (1). (Take-up lever

is slotted for easier


Pull down 6"~8" of

thread. (Thread should

be easy to pull)

Lower presser foot

and again pull down
6"~8" of thread.
(Thread should be

more difficult to pull)

If thread is difficult to
pull, tension discs are

threaded properly.

Continue to step 8.

If thread pulls the

same with presser foot

up or down go back to

step 6 and rethread

ensuring thread is

pulled into tension

disc channel (2).



Pull thread through

thread guide.

9. Thread needle from

front to back.