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1, Roise the needle to ds highest point by turning the bolonce-wheel ( 2 0 )

toward you,


Roise the presser foot ( 1 2 ) by lifting the presser bor lifter ( 2 4 )

3, loosen

me presser foot thumb screw ond remove the foot,


Place the grooved side of the selected presser foot ogoinst the Pot of

the presser bar,

,5, fosten the thumb screw.



1. Set Zigzag dial (23) to the narrow zigzag and Stitch regulator dial (18) to

fine stitch between 0 and 1. (Fine)

2. Sew to desired length (K to L) and stop the machine with Needle in the

material and at left position as shown in Fig. Q.

3. Then, set Zigzag dial to the medium zigzag and turn balance wheel one

rotation so that needle is at right position M (Fig. R) and needle bar at

lowest position, and turn the material 180 degree as shown in Fig. S.

4. Sew a tew stitches (M to N) with the Zigzag dial to the widest zigzag

as shown in Fig. T.

5. Re-set Zigzag dial to the narrow zigzag and sew other-side (N to 0) of

button hole as shown in Fig. U,

6. Sew a few stitches (0 to P) with Zigzag dial to the widest zigzag as shown

in Fig. V.

7. Cut buttonhole using seam ripper, being careful not to cut

stitching on either side. (Fig. 27)

Note ; We suggest you moke lest somples on

a piece of the some garment

moteriol, before you sew the -buttonhole on the

work you are doing.

Troce length of buttonhole with cholk on the moteriol

ond sew slowly

following the markings so that you con perform the buttonhole


os you desire.
When turning the moteriol 180 degrees, if you pull the moteriol by

force, needle will bertd or breok. Turn it slowly with care.
Needle thread should be slightly tighter than thot of regular sewing

so that you con get belter work.