Cleaning and caring for the machine, Removing face plate, Cleaning the machine – SINGER 484.1544180 (Sold at Sears) User Manual

Page 31: Removing face plate cleaning the machine

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To ensure reliability, regularly clean and lubricate machine. Periodic check-ups by a Sears
service center are recommended depending upon frequency of use.

Removing Face Plate

CAUTION: Before attempting any procedures
in this chapter, disconnect powerline plug from
electrical outlet!

Only remove the face plate of the machine for
cleaning, lubricating, and light bulb replacement.
Keep securely fastened at all other times.


Loosen and remove screw (1).


Remove face plate by drawing it slightly

towards the operator and then to the left (2)
and down.

^ Replace face plate by sliding it to the right

under top edge of arm top cover (3) and
push up.


When snugly seated, replace and tighten

screw (1).

Cleaning the Machine

^ For normal external cleaning, use a soft dry

cloth. Stubborn stains may be removed with a

mild soap and water solution.


Using a soft brush, remove all lint from

exposed mechanical parts under face plate as

well as thread path and needle, feed, and bob­

bin areas.


Periodically, apply a drop of oil to areas

shown. DO NOT over oil! *


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