Assembly, Make things easier for yourseif – NordicTrack STRENGTH ADJUSTABLE BENCH NTB12920 User Manual

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Make Things Easier for Yourseif .............

This manual is designed to ensure that the
weight bench can be assembled successfully

by anyone. Most people find that by setting

aside plenty of time, assembly wilt go smoothly.

Before beginning assembly, carefully read the

following information and instructions:

• Assembly requires two people.

• For help identifying small parts, use the PART


• Tighten all parts as you assemble them, unless

instructed to do otherwise.

• As you assemble the weight bench, make sure all

parts are oriented as shown in the drawings.

• Place all parts in a cleared area and remove the

packing materials. Do not dispose of the packing
materials until assembly is completed.

The included Allen wrenches ¡and the following
tools (not included) are required for assembly:

Two adjustable wrenches

One rubber mallet

One standard screwdriver

One Phillips screwdriver

• Lubricant, such as grease or petroleum jelly,

and soapy water.

Assembly will be more convenient if you have a
socket set, a set of open-end or closed-end
wrenches, or a set of ratchet wrenches.





Before beginning assembly, make sure you
understand the information in the box

above. .............. ........... ........... ........... ...........

Attach a Wheel (11) to the Stabilizer (2) with an

Ml 0 X 63mm Button Head Bolt (21), an Axle (12),

an M10 Washer (22), and an M10 Nylon Locknut
(23). Repeat this step with the other Wheel.

Press a 50mm x 75mm Inner Cap (10) into the
Frame (1). Press two 38mm x 100mm Inner Caps
(9) into the arms on the Frame.

Attach the Frame (1) to the Stabilizer (2) with four



115mm Carriage Bolts (20), four M10

Washers (22), and four M10 Nylon Locknuts (23).