Adjustments, Adjusting the backrest – NordicTrack STRENGTH ADJUSTABLE BENCH NTB12920 User Manual

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This section explains how to adjust the weight bench. Refer to the accompanying exercise guide to see the cor­

rect form for each exercise.

Make sure ali parts are properiy tightened each time the weight bench is used. Repiace any worn parts immediate-
iy. The weight bench can be cieaned with a damp cloth and a miid, non-abrasive detergent. Do not use soivents.


To adjust the angle of the Backrest (6), hold onto it
with one hand and pull the lower Knob (13) out. Move
the Backrest to the desired position. Reengage the

Knob into the Adjustment Arm (5). Make sure that

you hold the Knob, to keep your hands from

being pinched.

Adjust the Seat (7) in the same manner, using the

upper Knob (not shown).