Important safeguards, Operating your wine refrigerator, Setting the temperature – NewAir AW-281E User Manual

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Do not store food items in the wine refrigerator. The unit’s interior temperature may not

be low enough to prevent spoilage.


It is recommended that you keep the wine refrigerator in a place where the ambient

temperature is between 77-80.6® K If the ambient temperature is above or below the

recommended temperature range, the unit’s performance may be affected. Using the

wine refrigerator in extreme cold or hot conditions may cause interior temperatures to

fluctuate, and the ideal range of 54-66® F may not be reached.

The temperature display reflects the temperature of the area near the center racks in the

wine refrigerator. Keep in mind that the temperature may fluctuate approximate +/-7

degrees on the top or bottom racks.

The temperature may fluctuate depending on whether or not the interior light is on or off

and whether the bottles are located on the upper, middle, or lower racks.

Setting the Temperature:

Use the push buttons to set your desired temperature. Use the '' ▲ ” and “


” to adjust the

temperature by r F between


F. You can turn the interior light on or off by pressing

the “light” button.