Care and maintenance, Cleaning your wine refrigerator, Storage – NewAir AW-281E User Manual

Page 7: Moving your wine refrigerator

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Cleaning Your Wine Refrigerator:


Unplug the wine refiigerator irom the power supply and remove any bottles.

Wash the inside of the unit with a warm water and baking soda solution. The

solution should consist of 2 tablespoons of baking soda to one quart of water.

Clean the outside of the wine refiigerator with mild detergent and warm water,

Unscrew the water reservoir from the bottom of the wine refrigerator and rinse it

with water.


Because wine bottles may differ in size and dimensions, the actual number of bottles you

can store in this unit may also vary.

This wine refrigerator is designed to store your wine at the perfect temperature. The

proper storing temperature for all wine, both red and white, is between 53*F - 57*F.

Moving Your Wine Refrigerator:

Remove all the bottles from the unit.

Securely tape down the shelves inside the wine refrigerator.

Screw the leveling legs up to the uniFs base to avoid damage.

Tape the door shut.

Make sure the wine refrigerator stays in an upright position during transportation.