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Many common wine refrigerator problems can be easily solved, saving you the cost of a

possible service call Try the suggestions below to see if you can solve your problem before

calling customer service.



The wine refrigerator

does not operate*

• The unit is not plugged in.

• The circuit breaker may be tripped or there is a

blown fuse in your home.

The wine refrigerator is

not cold enough.

• Check the unit’s temperature control settings.

• The external environment may be too hot.

• The door is being opened too often.

• The door is not closed completely.

• The door seal does not seal properly

• The wine refrigerator does not have the correct


The internal light does not


• Call customer service.

The unit is vibrating.

• Make sure the wine refrigerator is placed on a

level floor surface.

The wine refrigerator is

making too much ndise.

• The wine refrigerator is not level.

• Check the unit’s fan.

The door will not close


• The wine refrigerator is not level.

• The doors are not installed properly,

i • The magnetic seal is not working properly.

• The shelves are not positioned correctly.

There is no LED display.

• The main control board does not work.

The push buttons are not

functioning properly.

• The control panel is damaged.