Digicom 8E4090 User Manual

Networking - smart switch, Dual speed switch 16

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16 RJ 45 10BaseT/100BaseTx , VLAN

support, Trunk and QoS Priority

Automatic MDI-X to MDI (Cross) on all ports

Full-duplex switch for 10/100 Mbps

groups interconnection

Store and Forward technology

Full speed filtering and forwarding rate

Table memory for 8192 addresses

1,5MByte Buffer Memory

IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.1p,


4 trunk support (up to 4 ports) up to 800

Mbps in full duplex, with load balance

and fault tolerance support

Up to 32 VLAN group support with VLAN

port-based, 802.1Q tag VLAN and Leaky

VLAN support

Priority management support with three

different service classes (CoS): Port

based, 802.1p priority tag, TCP/IP

header’s TOD/DS classifier

IMGPv1 and v2 port snooping support

Broadcast Storm filtering support

Port Security support for restrictions to

port access

Parameters and monitor configuration

for port with MIB Tx/Rx Packets

counters, CRC, Collisions

Led Indicators: Power, Link/Activity,

10Mbps/100Mbps, Full-duplex

Metal chassis


19” rack mounting kit included

110-240 Vac Integrated power supply

20Watt consumption

273 x 166 x 43 mm; 1,5 Kg.

Operating temperature 0 to 50



Humidity 5% to 95% non condensing

CE mark

Dual Speed Switch 16 06.12.2005


Your applications require VLAN, Trunking or QoS?

You need advanced diagnostic functions or

network analysis?

Get all this at the same time!

Dual Speed Switch16 is the suitable, compact and

performing solution!

Any of the 16 ports is 10/100Mbps Autosensing.

Speed and operating mode are automatically detected

and selected.

Furthermore any of the 16 ports can be connected as

“normal” or Uplink port (automatic MDI/MDI-x)

providing easy and direct connection to other hubs or

switches on the network.

This device offers advanced functionalities that

increase the network performances.

It is possible to define up to 32 VLAN with the VLAN

tag support and activate the Port Trunking to carry out

high traffic backbone.

Thanks to the priority functions, the QoS and the

IGMP snooping, Dual Speed Switch 16 is particularly

suitable for the VoIP and Multimedia applications

where the traffic management is very important.

Network activity, speed and status of each port is

shown by led indicators on the front panel. The switch

has got diagnostic functions to determine the ports

and cable status and the signal quality.

Easy configuration through the simple utility with

graphic interface directly fron the LAN network.

Dual Speed Switch 16

Code: 8E4090